Monthly Archives: October 2021

Lunch Club and Afternoon Sessions

We are happy to let you know that Wednesdays afternoon sessions are starting after half term from 9am-3pm. Please let Paulina know if you would like your child to stay until 1pm and have lunch with their friends. Lunch club is a great opportunity for the children to socialise and to share experiences. If you decide to join us please send your child with a packed lunch. Anything that you eat at home is good. We are happy to heat it up if needed. 

Week: 18th October

We hope you are having a great week. A reminder that next week is our last before half term and we will be closed. We will be back Monday the 1st of November. 
Please do check your spam box if you don’t receive my weekly planning email.
  • At the Home corner, we are playing castles and knights. 
  • In the small world, we are playing with swords.
  • At the craft table, we are making crowns.
  • In construction, we are using blocks.
  • In Maths, we using number pegs.
  • The letter and sound of the week, we are reviewing the first letters of the term.

Week: 11th October

The children had a great week playing vegetable stall with the real vegetables. Thank you 😊 
Also thank you for the plants, it really gives the room a wonderful feeling. 
  • At the Home corner, we are working on our DIY skills.
  • In the Small world, we are playing with big cars.
  • In Construction, we are using big blocks.
  • In Maths, we are exploring shapes.
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “Pp”.

Week: 4th October

This week the children will be learning about the autumn season. Could you please send real vegetables to display at the Home Corner for children to play with and to learn  about. 
We would like to make an indoor garden and would appreciate if you could contribute small indoor plants for the children to water and see growing. 
  • At the Home corner, we are running a vegetable stall.
  • In the Small world, we are playing with a small garage.
  • In Messy play, we are counting conkers.
  • At the Craft table, we are making autumn pictures and conker printing
  • In Maths, we are counting and adding.
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “A a”.