Monthly Archives: March 2022

Week: 28th March

  • Role-Play: garden centre
  • Maths: wooden pegs
  • Letters and sounds: “C c”
  • Value of the week: looking after nature 
  • Craft table: Easter
  • Food technology: cross buns

Week: 21st March

Topic of the week: healthy eating
  • Role-play: home and market stall 
  • Letters and sounds: “O o”
  • Maths: stick a brick
  • Small world: happy street
  • Craft table: healthy eating

Week: 14th March

  • Topic of the week: How tools work, fixing and mending. 
  • Letters and sounds: “G g”
  • Maths: shapes, counting, adding. 
  • Small world: little people. 
  • Value of the week: sharing 

Kids Welly Walk photos

Have you seen our sponsored walk photos? Have a look at our King Street Pre-School Facebook page:

Parent Consultation

We are holding our parent consultations on the 22nd of March 2022. We are delighted to announce it after a long time. On the Tuesday, the slot starts from 12, ends 13 o’clock, you will be able to ask questions about your child and to share information with us. Please remember your 10-minute slot.

Your child’s key-worker is looking forward to speaking to you about your child’s progress!

Week: 7th March

  • Home corner: book shop
  • Small world: train track
  • Craft table: water cycle 
  • Letters and sounds: “D d”
  • Maths: counting money
  • Value of the week: helping 

Fundraising success!

Thank you so much to all of you who managed to come along on Saturday morning for our Sponsored Welly Walk. What a wonderful turnout! We know that we’ve already raised well over £2,000, an absolutely fantastic amount.