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Week: 6th June

Our planning in the following weeks…

  • Learning about time
  • Reinforcing letters and sounds
  • Preparing children in their last steps before starting school
  • Practice for sports day on Friday 17th of June

Jubilee celebrations photos

We hope you all are having a lovely half term.

Here are some photos from the celebrations on the 27th May.

Please check an email regarding the link of the photo album from Paulina

if you want to see more!


Week: 23rd May

  • Role-play: camping 
  • Maths: matching numerals with numbers
  • Craft table: jubilee 
  • Letters and sounds: “H h”

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

We are celebrating the Queen’s jubilee with parents and children on Friday
the 27th of May from 9-11am, all invited even if your child doesn’t attend
the session. Please stay with your child and remember that our staff can’t
have the children from other sessions (Monday- Thursday) on their own
as they can’t covered the ratios.
The pre-school will be closed at 11am as we need to clean and tidy up
after as the room gets occupied by other groups. 
If you like to bake some cakes/scones for this celebrations, Please let us
know by contacting Paulina and the team or our committee. Thank you!
We are looking forward to seeing you all on the Friday!

Open Morning

Open Morning at King Street Pre-School for new children and current
King Street Pre-School children who will be coming back in September.
The pre-school will be open for those children and their parents by
invitation only.
Please come and play anytime between 9:30 – 11:00am.
We hope this event will be helpful for all children who are entering their
new school experience.
For current King Street Pre-School parents whose child will be coming
back in September:
Please come and stay with your child in this session.
All staff will be quite busy taking care of the extra children on the day.
If you know your friends, colleagues, and neighbours who are looking for
a pre-school for their children 2-4 years old, why don’t you mention our
Open Morning to them? We would be very grateful to connect with new
children and parents.
For current King Street Pre-School parents whose child usually attends
Friday sessions:
Friday session (9:00 – 12:00) on the 8th of July will be running as normal
for those children, along side the Open Morning. You as the parents/carers
do not need to attend on the day.
(Updated: 24/06/2022)
For new parents who have got a school place in September and the Open
Morning invitation:
We are absolutely thrilled your children will be joining the King Street Pre-
School family in September! We can’t wait to see you and your child at the
Open Morning. It will be a great opportunity for new children to spend time
with current King Street Pre-School children and play together!
For parents who are interested in our Open Morning: 
Thank you for being interested King Street Pre-School. Please contact us
for an invitation. All queries welcome.
For parents who are currently looking for a pre-school:
If you are looking for a pre-school in the heart of the city of Cambridge,
if you are currently on a waiting list of another pre-school/nursery, why
don’t you contact us? Places are currently available and we are very flexible!
☞ Please call us on 07742 376299 or
☞ We keep updating the event information on our website:
☞ Facebook page:
“King Street Pre-School” 


Week: 16th May

  • Role-play: hairdresser
  • Small world: dinosaurs
  • Maths: classifying 
  • Letters and sounds: “R r”
  • Craft table: Jubilee 

Upcoming events in summer term

We have four important events coming up this summer term.

The further details will follow soon. Please check your email, our website

or Facebook page! We will post and share lots of fun pictures from those

events on our Facebook page. Please click like button and share our page

with your family and friends!!

“King Street Pre-school” Facebook page:




9.00 – 11.00

We will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and would like to

invite all parents and children that don’t usually attend on Fridays. We are going

to have a special art exhibition of the children’s art that you will have

the opportunity to buy.


SPORTS DAY – Friday 17th of June, 9.30 – 11.00

All children and parents are invited even if you don’t usually attend on Fridays.


OPEN MORNING  – Friday 8th of July, 9.30 – 11.00

Open Morning for new children and children coming back in September only.

The pre-school will be closed for those who won’t come back in September.


SCHOOL TRIP – Friday 15th of July 

School trip for all children and parents.

It is the last day of our pre-school term before the summer holiday. 


We are looking forward to joining the upcoming events with you all!

Thank you!

Week: 9th May

  • Home corner: how we grow 
  • Letters and sounds: “U u”
  • Small world: hospital
  • Craft table: body parts
  • Maths: measuring and sizes
  • Construction: Duplo
  • Value of the week: sharing

Week: 3rd May

  • Home corner: planting
  • Letters and sounds: “E e”
  • Maths: dice. Counting and adding 
  • Small world: dolls house
  • Craft table: how plants grow

Week: 25th April

Topic of the week:
The life circle of butterflies. We have bought real caterpillars and the children
will have the opportunity to see the whole process of changing until
we release the butterflies.
  • Home corner: the very hungry caterpillar 
  • Letters and sounds: “ck”
  • Small world: farm
  • Maths: sequence
  • Craft table: life cycle of butterflies and caterpillars 
  • Value of the week: looking after nature
Please be sure that the children are protected with sun cream and hats,
we have spare hats at preschool but sometimes they want to wear their own.