Monthly Archives: September 2019

Week: 23rd September

This week we are having our annual Teddy Bear Picnic. We will also be sending home Tim the turtle, our sharing and recipe book. There is more information in Paulina’s weekly email. Please let her know ASAP if you are not receiving her emails.

  • At the home corner, we are Doctors
  • In the small world, we are playing with a Dolls house
  • At the craft table, it is all about me
  • In Maths, we are exploring shapes and colours
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “Ll”

Week: 16th September

The first week of the term is finished and the children are settling well!

This week we are being hairdressers! Watch out for those new hairstyles…

  • At the home corner, we are hairdressing.
  • At the craft table, we are making junk models.
  • In the small world, we are farming.
  • In Maths, we are using number puppies.
  • The letter and sound of the week is “Ll”. Please send something beginning with the letter of the week for “show and tell”. No live lions please!

Week: 9th September

A very warm welcome to all children coming to us this September, be it for the first time or returning. We hope you had a lovely Summer!

Image result for preschool

We are happy to welcome you all to our first term of the year and to get to know you and your little ones.

Please remember to bring a healthy snack and water bottle, spare clothes and something to comfort your child from home to make them feel safe. Do make sure all above is labelled. Thank you.

We open our doors at 9AM at the small green gate, if you are later than 9.15AM please use the front door to the church as we lock the green gate for the children’s safety. Pick up time is 12PM.

Please take some time to read our policies and procedures that are published on our website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Paulina. If you are not receiving Paulina’s weekly emails please let her know ASAP. Thank you.

Your Preschool Team